Principal Investigator3

Sung-Jan Lin, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate ProfessorInstitute of Biomedical Engineering College of Medicine and College of Engineering
National Taiwan University
NO.1, Section 1, Jen-Ai Road, Taipei, Taiwan, 100.
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Organs can be damaged, functionally compromised or even lost due to pathological insults, traumatic injuries and even aging. With the advent in tissue engineering, material science and stem cell research, people hope to rejuvenate aged cells, restore the compromised functions and even regenerate new organs.

In addition to taking an engineering approach, one should also look back to the developmental stage and the pathological states to get a better understanding of the principles regarding how organs are built and the pathogenesis that leads to organ loss. The knowledge learned can help to develop strategies in preventing organ damage and to regenerate functional organs.

Due to the complex structure and the unique arrays of cutaneous appendages, we take skin as a model to understand how a complex organ is lost in pathological states, to decipher the principles of organogenesis, to shed light on the repair and regeneration machinery in response to insults.

   We hope to use a multidisciplinary approach by combing the knowledge in biology and engineering for tissue regeneration.